YaaLk is a social driven platform to create opportunities for individuals to fulltime or work flexible jobs.
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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

  • - YaaLk helps you find fulltime and flexible jobs in your area with our Location-Based Technology. You can set your own schedule and choose where you want to work next or opt to work fulltime.

  • - You can create a Business Account in minutes, click here to get started. You can edit your account details anytime.

  • - We are happy to help you anywhere, anytime. Chat us up or email us at support@yaalk.com.

  • - YaaLk’s business clients search for work professionals such as yourself on our platform. Creating a profile is a great place to start (tips: make sure you have a profile photo!).

  • - You can search and connect with other work professionals in order to grow your YaaLk Network. You can also invite your peers to sign up here.

  • - We do not take any portion of your pay or charge any commissions. Instead, whenever you are offered a job you will need YaaLk Tokens to sign the work contract. The amount of YaaLk Tokens required will be displayed on your job offer.

  • - YaaLk Token are value added currencies used for signing, sharing, and delegating flexible work contracts.

  • - You can reload your YaaLk Tokens anytime here in your YaaLk Wallet.

  • - You will require enough YaaLk Tokens to accept and sign a job contract. For first time workers, YaaLk will allow a negative balance in your wallet to accept your job. You will need to re-load the wallet to accept your next job.

  • - Do you know YaaLk offers you the opportunity to share a portion of your job contract with someone in your YaaLk Network? With one click, you can share your Job Contract and once the job provider approves, the secondary worker can accept the job sharing. The secondary worker will need to commit the proportionate YaaLk Tokens to accept the job.

  • - Do you know YaaLk offers you the opportunity to delegate an accepted job contract entirely to someone in your YaaLk Network? You can easily delegate the entire job contract with one click once the Employer approves. The YaaLk Tokens committed by you for the job contract will be returned to you, and the secondary worker will need to commit to the YaaLk Token

  • - Should you not be able to complete the work from a job offer, and you are unable to delegate or share the job, your YaaLk tokens committed to accept the job will not be returned if you initiate cancellation.

  • - YaaLk offers masterclasses to members on our platform to improve their skills and expertise. Our monthly blog offers useful contents and updates!